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High Quality Retaining Wall Installation in Northville, MI

High Quality Retaining Wall Installation in Northville, MI

On this project we installed a retaining wall in Northville, MI. Our clients had an old timber wall that was failing, so we removed the existing wall and replaced it with this beautiful retaining wall. Retaining walls are an excellent choice for controlling soil erosion and retaining higher grades. As for this project, the retaining wall is retaining a large driveway. For a project like this, not just any block will work effectively. We chose the Fendt Keystone Hewnstone block for this one. The Keystone block by Fendt is made to handle this type of retaining and can last a lifetime if built properly. If you are in the market for a retaining wall to be installed at your home, give Allscapes a call today!

Location: Northville, MI

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